Special Projects and Sponsorship

We create and accomplish the boldest projects, taking care of everything from the creation of an idea stage through to efficiency forecasting and on to the final delivery.

With in-depth expertise and many years of experience under our belt, we are best positioned to bring to life top-notch special projects for TV, radio, print and digital media, the urban environment, and outdoor decorations to celebrate public holidays in Moscow.

Our projects:

Holiday outdoor decorations

Igronik is the leading player when it comes to installing outdoor urban decorations for Christmas holidays.

With access to the city's high-traffic areas, we are the trendsetters that make the most daring ideas come true.

With a branded Christmas tree, you will be able to:
  • put your brand in the spotlight;
  • increase your audience loyalty through involvement in social projects;
  • establish your brand's emotional connection to Christmas, with its feeling of miracles and wishes coming true;
  • acquire a premium asset to build brand trust.
Special projects for TV

Strong creative team with 15+ years of experience in special projects

Some of our team members are project-based professionals, helping us to offer:

Industry expertise in creating and distributing content;

A holistic approach to strategising and evaluating special projects

A deep understanding of digital tools and their application as part of our special projects

Partnerships with leading TV networks and media holding companies